Circumcision is a practise that is followed in several countries across the world. At times, the decision to opt for this procedure is due to prevalent religious customs, while at other times, pre-existing medical conditions necessitate it. Either ways, it is a relatively safe procedure. Nowadays, several cities across the globe have specialist clinics that cater to this specific need. For instance, Australians may book for this procedure at any good perth circumcision clinic. A recent study conducted by the popular website, a lot of parents are now opting to get this procedure done for their sons.

What is Circumcision?
Males are born with a loose flap or hood of skin covering the glans or tip of the male reproductive organ called the penis. Attached to the penis from birth, this sheath of skin is called the foreskin, and it holds a few blood vessels, nerves and even a tiny bit of muscle. Typically, the foreskin has no great role, as it is just a covering for the head of the penis, and it starts to separate from the penis as the baby boy grows older. In fact, this loosening is necessary as it enables boys to urinate better, and in men, it allows the skin to pull back, revealing the glans during an erection.

Circumcision is a surgical process that is undertaken to remove this small patch of skin.

Is Circumcision Necessary?
The need for getting a circumcision depends on several factors. These factors are:

The religious beliefs of the parents plays a major role in deciding whether to get a circumcision done or not. Traditional and orthodox Jews and Muslims are bound by the tenets of their religion that state that boys must be circumcised, thus confirming their adherence to their faith.
A society that consists predominantly of circumcised males may require boys to get this procedure done so that they may blend in with others.
There might be medical problems, like a blockage while urinating, that necessitate the performance of circumcision.
A common “accident” that happens to men is when their foreskin gets trapped in between the zipper of their pants. A circumcision might be the only way to free the penis from this extremely painful situation.
Circumcision lowers the risk of urinary infections and certain types of cancers.

Are there any advantages for those who undergo circumcisions?
Circumcised males enjoy several health benefits.
Guys who have undergone circumcision will never have to worry about getting infections of the foreskin.
The risk of developing urinary tract infections is lower for those with circumcised penises.
Studies have proven that the chance of contracting cancer and sexually transmitted diseases like AIDS and STDs becomes less is one is circumcised.
Circumcision eliminates the problem of getting Phimosis, a disorder characterised by getting a tight foreskin, that prevents the afflicted from urinating properly, or getting a proper erection.

What’s the normal procedure involved?
Circumcision is a minor surgery that takes only a few minutes to complete. It can be even performed on boys as young as a few months old. Today, there are many specialist clinics that conduct this procedure. Make sure to get the procedure performed at a good clinic run by an experienced and qualified doctor.

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