Symptoms And Awareness On STD And STI

475982591 STD word collectionSTD and STI are transmitted when you have sex with an infected person. It need not be only vaginal intercourse; they can spread through anal, oral and some STDs spread through the ulcers in the mouth or open cuts on the skin. It is better getting yourself checked for any complications later from STD testing Pittsburgh. You can obtain some additional information regarding the complications and different types of STDs from the site

The symptoms for many STD might look very similar to the regular flu also. Let us get a better idea of the different symptoms that can occur if you have contracted STD or STI. Women might experience pain and itching around the vagina and unusual discharge from the vagina. Pain during sex or urination can also be experienced. Men can experience discharge from their penis and pain in the pelvic area. People who indulge in oral sex can experience a sore throat and pain and for individuals who indulge in anal sex can experience pain or uneasiness around the anal area. Red sores can be found in the throat, anal or the genital parts, which appear suddenly and can be painless. If infected by Hepatitis, the liver is affected and chances of dark urine and light colored stool with fever can be experienced. Small scabs on the genital areas. Tiredness, fever, body ache and weight loss are the other symptoms you can experience.

If you find any of the above symptoms, it is better getting yourself examined by a physician. Some STD tests would be taken to diagnose the type of STD contracted. Blood test, swab tests or culture from the penis or vagina secretion is necessary to diagnose STD.

Some STDs if diagnosed earlier, can be treated and cured completely and some STDs, if contracted, can prove fatal and life threatening. Proper precautions and awareness about STD can bring a lot of difference to your life and your loved ones.

Learn About The Benefits Of Growing Plants


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